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Best Gift Idea for Book Lovers (For Others, Or Yourself)

This week I wanted to tell you about something fun when it came to books. First, let me preface that I am obsessed with subscription boxes and love the idea of getting new surprises each month. As I mentioned in one of my blogs, subscriptions boxes are a great gift for others, or for yourself.

So i…

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A Fresh Way to Think About Food and Eating

As I continue on my health and wellness journey, I’m learning a very valuable lesson when it comes to food and counting calories:  It’s more important WHAT you put in your body than HOW MUCH you put in your body (calorie counting). Meaning, if I wake up and want to eat three mangos, then the calorie…

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Book Release: Falling For You 2/7/2017 by Mari Suggs

Today, I am so excited to share with you the release of my book Falling For You, due out February 7, 2017! This has been a long time coming. I’ve been promising this book for some time now, but due to some talks with Literary Agents—that took months to sort out—the release date had been delayed. But…

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How Wanting to Feel Better Actually Helps me Feel Better

If you’re anything like me, you have days when you feel on top of the world, and days when, well, you don’t.  That’s okay though. This is normal, a part of life that we must embrace. However, the deciding factor in how long that feeling lasts is in recognizing that you’re actually feeling low…

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3 Tips to Improve All Your Relationships

Have you ever gotten upset with others because they don’t have the same vision as you? Sometimes you’ve gotten upset over something as insignificant as not wanting to eat the same thing as you? Sure you have. We’ve all been there. So what to do?

If you’re anything like me, these seeming…

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How to Stick to Your Workout Routine Forever

Hello friends, so I have an update for you on my previous fitness post. The one where I was embarking on a 15-day challenged with Karina Elle, (my fit model challenge). Here’s the deal, I’ve blogged about this before so I’m not surprised that ended up here.

But to paraphrase my previous blo…

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New Book Release by Marissa Meyer (Author of The Lunar Chronicles)

I’m not exactly sure how I missed this, but I did. Marissa Meyer is the author of the Lunar Chronicles, the series that includes Cinder, Scarlet, Cress Winter and Fairest: Levana’s Story. I typically have a hard time with series, I’m more of a standalone-book type of chick. But I could not put the…

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3 Steps That Will Help You React More to Your Inside Life than Your Outside Life

What if you were to respond only to your inner world? What if you were to navigate through life reacting only to the things in your thought life? Do you know what would happen? I do.

The idea of law attraction is that thoughts create your life. But not just any thoughts, but thoughts that mak…

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3 Simple Steps That Will Put Your Resolutions To Work

New Year’s resolutions or setting goals oftentimes get a bad rap. I believe there’s an obvious reason for this. Usually, the person encouraging you to take action at the start of the New Year has decided on spicing things up a bit. They are trying to take you out of your routine by calling it someth…

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3 Steps That Will Improve Your Life--Even When Things Aren't Going Right

Have you ever stopped to wonder about your life? Are you an active participant, or are you merely existing? Are you letting things happen to you, or are you creating life on purpose? These are some of the questions that popped in my head which led to a radical transformation in my life.

In 20…

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Stuck In a Rut with your Workout Routine?

So, although I usually stick to yoga, I sometimes feel I’m not getting the results I’m seeking fast enough. This antsy feeling always leads me to the net in search of other workouts. I have been checking out several fitness gurus like, Anna VictoriaMy Sweat Life- Kelsey Wells  and Karina El…

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5 Important Steps for your Vision Board to Work This Year

Okay, so each year I bring you a little nugget on how to get the year started right, usually this includes creating a vision board. This year is no different. I personally know the power of creating vision boards, especially when they are used correctly. If you don’t know what a vision board is, it …

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How to End the Year with a Bang

It is that time of year again when we start thinking about all that we have accomplished, while also looking ahead to the upcoming year. If you find yourself looking back, thinking, I could have done more, don’t beat yourself up. It’s okay. We’ve all been there. But if my attempt at consoling you is…

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5 Gift Ideas for the Spirit Junkie in Your Life

Are you fresh out of gift ideas for your spirit junkie? Does the thought of giving them another yoga mat make you want to hide until it is all over? Well don’t worry. I’ve got five pretty cool gift ideas that will not only make your spirit junkie very happy, but it will make you the hero of this hol…

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Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

Words can't describe how excited I get when I come across people that totally inspire me. Let me introduce you to Danielle Walker the author of the cook books Against All Grain.

I will not go into depth about her sorry, because frankly, I won't give it justice. To read her full biography …

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Five Ways to Get You Through the Winter Season

If you are a creature of habit and hate the typical changes that come with each season, I suggest this: Learn to make adjustments with each season. Take exercising for instance. Just because you can’t head outside for your workouts this winter it doesn’t mean that you should stop working out altoget…

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5 Reasons Plant-Based Diets Are Trending

In case you've missed it, eating plant-based foods is the latest trend taking the food industry by storm. Big players such Tyson, have even joined the trend by investing in businesses that reduce consumption of chicken, beef and pork by replacing it with plant proteins, said business being Beyond Me…

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A Vital Step in Receiving - Law of Attraction

I heard something pretty great regarding the practice of Law of Attraction. For those of you familiar with the law of attraction you will understand what I’m about to tell you. However, if you’re new to the practice and need a bit more information before you can fully digest this, then swing by

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Hello my Fellow Positive Thinkers! Happy Fall!

I’ve been absent from blogging for a couple months because I’ve had some wonderful things in the works. For one, I’ve been working like a mad woman on editing my new novel Falling for You.  My editor gave me the final draft and it’s finally ready to go. However, I’ve been delaying the release …

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