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About the Deck

Words have power, and they fuel your thoughts and how you think about yourself. If you want to reshape the thoughts that govern your life, these cards are the gateway to a higher vibrational frequency.

Example of how to use the cards:

Start each morning by shuffling the cards and asking, "What do I need to know today?" when you feel a stopping point, pick one card and repeat the words "I am ____" until it begins to resonate within you. You may use the cards several times a day if you like or just in the morning, or at night. Let your soul guide you.

Repeat the words throughout your day so they sink into your subconscious.



I Am Affirmations

52 Cards to Help You Stay Focused on Your True Essence


Your true essence is love!

About Mari Suggs

Mari Suggs is the bestselling author of #Believe Dammit 10 Principles For Attracting and Creating the Life You Crave. She's also the creator of the Super Manifesting Journal, a journal dedicated to helping others manifest their goals. As a writer, she spent a large portion of her career on YouTube, assisting other writers in achieving their publishing dream. As such, she designed the Book Companion Journal to help writers hone their strengths, track their progress and record the memories that come with writing each book.


Mari's entire platform is dedicated to helping others find joy in their lives.


If you want daily inspiration as you navigate this life, you can join her here.


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