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Positive Thinking is Bullshit, According to Tony Robbins

I enjoy Tony Robbins a lot. I think he’s a powerful speaker and smart businessman; however, I disagree with one of his most popular selling points when addressing his audience. More than once, I’ve heard Robbins say, “I don’t believe in positive thinking, I believe in results. I don’t believe you can stand over your garden and say ‘there are no weeds’ over and over again. Bullshit! There are weeds and you need to pull them out.”

It’s very surprising to me that he would deliver this message because everyone knows that in order to do anything, you must first have a thought. A thought about the state of your weeds can be anything from, I don’t care about those damn weeds (negative thought) to, I should probably clean up my yard (positive thought). Which of the two do you think will actually get you to physically move? You got it, the one that actually stimulated your brain to get into action: the positive thought one.

I believe that Robbins message could deter certain people from addressing their thoughts. The point of positive thinking and affirmations is to get you thinking in a new way. By changing the way you speak and think, you can begin to see changes that otherwise you wouldn't see. It’s not about standing over your weeds and magically willing it to fix itself, it’s about standing over your weeds with a willing attitude to do whatever it takes to make you clean-up your act. But, it starts with your thinking. If your thinking continues to be the same as the previous day, hour or minute then the same results will follow. A change in attitude is a must. A change in attitude begins with your thoughts.

So, it’s my humble opinion that if you have weeds, you should “think” about how you’re going to make it beautiful. This, without a doubt will start to make you feel better and eventually it will get you off your couch doing whatever needs to be done.

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