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A Vital Step in Receiving - Law of Attraction

I heard something pretty great regarding the practice of Law of Attraction. For those of you familiar with the law of attraction you will understand what I’m about to tell you. However, if you’re new to the practice and need a bit more information before you can fully digest this, then swing by my previous posts on the law of attraction for further learning.

So I’m sure I’m not alone here. When I first learned about the law of attraction I was blown away. I immediately put the law to action and got amazing results.  But now, years later, I hear something that I’ve heard said before, probably a thousand times, but this time I really get it. I’m referring to the act of receiving. The law says, Ask, Believe, Receive. It is in this receiving that a lot of us have trouble. Particularly if it’s something we have resistance to. And by resistance I mean something we want really badly and don’t yet have. Which ultimately means we are focusing on the absence of it, instead of receiving it.

A vital step in receiving is to ignore what the physical world is showing us and stick with the belief that we already have what we want. By doing so, we are one step closer to receiving our desire. Let’s use an example, shall we.

Let us say you’re looking for a job and you can’t find one. During journaling and before meditation, you’ve asked for the perfect job—according to your desires. You then apply to 100 places just like you did the previous week. In the days that follow, you check your email and check your phone for calls from your potential employer. Be aware, the very first thing you will USUALLY encounter is more of the same. Meaning, no calls, no emails, no interest just like the previous weeks. This is a test! Let us say that prior to you really asking and aligning yourself internally with your perfect job, your “go to” feeling was one of despair, or worry or even anger. Now listen (or read) carefully, the only way your circumstances will change for you is to respond differently. By responding differently, it means that you have changed on the inside (i.e. your core beliefs) which now means, the outside world will start reflecting what you’ve been asking for. So if your previous “go to” feeling was anger, now, you chose laughter because it doesn’t matter what the physical world is showing you, since you have irrevocable faith that you ALREADY HAVE the perfect job.

Fascinating isn’t it? I think so too.

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