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Five Ways to Get You Through the Winter Season

If you are a creature of habit and hate the typical changes that come with each season, I suggest this: Learn to make adjustments with each season. Take exercising for instance. Just because you can’t head outside for your workouts this winter it doesn’t mean that you should stop working out altogether. In fact, I recommend that you don’t stop. Often times, the winter blues steps in because we stop doing some of the things we enjoy most. Winter sometimes forces us to stay indoors but that's no reason to put our lives on hold.

So, if you dislike the winter season, here are five ways that could possibly make this season awesome.

1. Keep Moving:

For one, this is no time to stop your exercise routing. Sure it’s cold out and most of us don’t want to leave the house, but that’s no excuse. Today, more than ever we can stay active while indoors. So, if the trip to the gym is just too much, stay in and do your favorite workout from home. After all, it is in the winter that we get our summer bodies, right?  For example, my favorite workout routine is yoga; this is especially true in the winter time because of the aches and pains I get in my joints. Staying active through the winter helps me feel better.  If your thing is running, then get a treadmill. Yes, I know it’s not the same, but it’s only temporary.

2. Binge Watch:

This is the perfect time to catch-up on all those shows you missed over the previous summer. You can finally watch all those programs/movies you dvr’d throughout the year.  I’m not suggesting that you neglect your responsibilities or that you don’t dedicate time to working on your goals. I’m just suggesting that this winter you cut yourself some slack and relax a bit. In three short months you will be back outside with the world.

3. Try Something New or Old:

This is the perfect time to try something new. Maybe you can try to learn a new language from the comfort of your home. Or maybe, if TV watching is not your thing you can try doing puzzles. Or play a board game. Or paint. Or draw. Or learn to cook… There are millions of different things that can make your evenings fun right from home. You just have to be creative. This is the perfect time to revert back to your childhood. There, you will find all the things you hoped to one day do that you probably haven’t done yet, like build a toy airplane…Legos anyone?

4. Feed The Book Worm:

I can see the eye-roll from here. But seriously, try reading something. Anything! Surely you have interests. There are millions of books out there on any given subject that are wonderfully entertaining, if not downright captivating. Most of us are used to that auto pilot response, I hate reading, but I think this is not necessarily true. I think most of us hate reading what we have been TOLD to read (i.e. books for school). But this is not that. This is where you get to pick what genre you like, what author you like, what length you want read and when you read it. All I’m asking is that you give reading one more shot this winter.

5. Find Your Inner Chef:

During the winter you seek comfort. Most of you either find yourselves working from home because you’ve been snowed in, or, you are rushing to get home out of the cold. All you want is warmth and the undeniable comforts of your bed. But before you get to bed you must eat. Why not cook something delicious each night. Make something you’ve never made before. Whether its soup or a dessert make it fun. Make it a theme. Make it healthy. Or not (once or twice).

Winter time should not be a time where depression resides. This is the time to explore things you otherwise wouldn’t because you are always on the go. Winter is the time to go within and remember all the things you love without the noise and interference from the outside world. I hope this winter you make it a good one and that each year you will return to these new routines you created for yourself, adding new ones along the way.

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