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How Chasing This One Thing Can Help You Find Your Calling

Sometimes, the talk of following your calling is overwhelming for some. Others feel frustrated over not knowing what their calling is, or they feel as though they don’t have one, I promise you, you do.  It has been my experience that when we are unaware of what we came to do, that a sense of hopelessness often follows. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. There's an easy way to reveal your calling, and I have one tip to get you there.

Chase it:

I’m talking about feeling good. This may sound strange to you, or maybe it sounds obvious, but how often are you actually actively chasing that “good feeling” feeling. How many times during your day are you talking about, thinking about or dwelling on something that actually makes you feel awful instead of good?

If you really think about it, I’m sure you'll find more often than not, you are not chasing that “good feeling” feeling, but rather, you are chasing people to agree with you about why you are right in feeling so badly.

But what if you choose to do things differently? For example, let us say that you’re upset with your coworker, however, this time, instead of going from person to person talking about how said co-worker wronged you, you decide to stay quiet, walk away and water that plant. You have no idea why doing this will make you feel better—perhaps it’s just a distraction—and that’s okay, but still, you follow your instinct anyway and water that plant. As time goes on, this becomes your new thing-to-do. Before you'll know it, two things will have happened. That coworker that used to upset you suddenly doesn’t upset you anymore (either because they no longer work there or they’ve moved to annoy someone else) and, you realize that you have a passion for plants.

If you decide that no matter what you will remove yourself from anything that makes you feel bad, and you start moving toward what makes you feel good, soon after, you’ll discover your calling, guaranteed. Know this; your calling is hidden underneath negativity, doubt, disappointment and fear. Once there is more joy in your life than limiting emotions, your calling will become visible.

Chasing the “good feeling” feeling is another way of saying, follow your bliss. If you follow your bliss at all times, only good things can come from it.

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