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How to Feel Fear and Still "Do It" Anyway

Let’s talk for a moment about fear. Do you have fears that are holding you back? Is there something that you should or want to do but you are paralyzed with fear? This weekend I heard the most inspirational lecture by Lisa Nichols about fear .

Nichols, reminds us that fear sometimes is a part of us, and that sometimes fear won’t leave us entirely, but that we must take action ANYWAY!

Do you know what happens to most of us when we allow fear to consume our lives? Usually, it prevents us from moving forward. Though we are standing at the edge of the cliff, acting as if we’re getting ready to leap into our destiny, we never do. We stay in the motion of ‘acting.’ We come up with excuses—reasonable ones of course, excuses that we’ve come to believe as facts: After the kids graduate, then I’ll. After I finish school, then I’ll. When I earn more money, then I’ll. “After” and “when” become that chain that binds us, preventing us from actually going for it.

What if for a moment, you were to behave as if every moment of your life, every single day, was determining the outcome of the following day. What if by fighting through that one fear, you were able to move mountains, and reach that ‘unreachable scary dream?” Would you leap?

I am in the process of working through my own fears, fears that I’ve had since I was a little girl. My fear is public speaking, or being in front of a camera. But I know that for now, in this technology-driven-world that we live in, writing a book and hoping that people stumble upon it is not enough. If I want people to know about my books, then the best way to do so is to stand in front of an audience and share it.

I know that I’m not alone, as most writers are introverts like me. The only way for me to move past this, is to realize that this is less about my promoting my book, and more about overcoming a fear that I created. Just as I created a shy, introverted persona, I can create a confident one.  One day, I hope that people fall in love with my books and the stories that I’ve written for them, without needing my marketing tactics behind it, much like J.K. Rowling. But for now, the goal is to overcome my fear, one day at a time.

Will you do that same? Will you take one fear, big or small and leap? I hope you do. Remember, what you do today, determines your tomorrow.


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