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How to Keep Going When Your Goal Seems Too Big

Could you get yourself to a place where achieving the ‘goal’ is less important than who you become in the process?

In my own life I’ve had to do this and it’s been one of my greatest discoveries. You see, I want to become a New York Times Bestselling author. I want my novels to be turned into movies and I want everyone to fall in love with my stories. However, if I never reach these goals I'm okay with that because I know that who I became in the process is far more important. If at the end of my days I come away with the knowing that I dedicated my life to writing, and that because of it I had a happy and productive life while doing so, then, it would have all been worth it.

For years I lived in a negative state of mind, I constantly put myself down and I even thought I wasn’t very smart. When I decided that I was a writer and that I would write no matter what—even if I wasn’t ready, something started happening to me, I transformed. Suddenly, I had a voice, I started inspiring others, I wrote three, four, five books and I now earn income by having done so. I did it without having certainty that my final goal would materialize.

These are my questions to you: Are you holding back? Are you afraid to go for your dreams because you think you may not make it? What if from this moment on, you worry less about the ultimate goal, and each day you do what makes you happy? How would this change your life? For example, do you want to be a yoga instructor, but don’t see how because you’re not as flexible as Tiffany in your yoga class? Should you then give up on yoga forever or is there a better option? The better option is to practice yoga every day and see who you become in the process. In the end this will be much more important than the goal you sought to obtain.

Oftentimes, we are paralyzed by the self-imposed pressures of our goals. But there’s a better way.  If you are struggling with this, my suggestion is to just take it one day at a time. Don’t give up on your goal just yet. Instead, chunk it down to bite-size actions. Working your goals in this manner will not only prevent you from getting overwhelmed by the what ifs, but it will keep you motivated and working toward a better you.

I am not suggesting that goals aren't important. I am only suggesting that we don't get too hung up on the timing in which our goals arrive. If we let go of worry and of when we will reach our goals our lives becomes much more pleasant. We can work happily toward our goals without having any reservations about the outcome. Often, it is our own fear about the outcome that prevent us from even starting.

Remember, who you become while working toward your goals is a goal in itself.

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