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How Downloads From God Helped Me Understand Creative Expression

Lately, I’ve been having what I believe are, "downloads from God" (Universe, Source) that I can’t quite express with words. It’s more like a feeling—a knowing of a certain thing, and when I try to put the thought into words, I can’t translate it properly. Still, I thought I’d give it shot here.

Today, that thought is Creative Expression.

When it comes to expression, I now think of it differently. For example, I used to look at expression as something separate: I was me, and then, over there, was that thing I created which was separate from me. In my recent ‘downloads’ I see that this is not the case.

Think about it this way, anything that you have in your mind, or rather, anything that you desire, wants to make its way into the world, just like you did at one point. So, once you listen to that inner voice and create that which wants to be expressed, it literally becomes a part of you—just like your arm or your leg. This is why it’s so important to pour love into anything that you express, because after all, it’s a part of you. You should nurture it, speak positively about it and welcome it with open arms.

I encourage you to look at your goals and desires in the same way. Goals and desires are just creative expression trying to live in the world. So, instead of stressing over your goals materializing, bring your expression into the world with love and free of stress. When you pour pure love and energy into everything you desire, you are honoring the creative expression within you, which will ultimately lead to a positive outcome.

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