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JUNE: Three Things to Try This Month

Oftentimes we get overwhelmed by so much information available at our fingertips. We see something we love and want to incorporate into our lives, but with one quick click of the mouse it’s out of our minds and we’re on to the next thing. Therefore, I thought about slowing things down a bit and only give you three simple things to try this month. With having only three things to try for the next 30 days, you’ll have an opportunity to determine if it’s for you or not. So here you are: Three simple things to try this June that will make your life a little better.


The practice of meditation is growing among our nation and I’m not surprised at all. Mediation has numerous healing benefits that tend to issues of well-being and illness. It has been linked to curing things like anxiety, depression and headaches, while also correcting our emotional state of mind by releasing stress, creating present awareness and increasing creativity. There are different types of meditations: Guided, Mantra, Mindfulness and Transcendental, to name a few. This month I encourage you to do your research on meditation and then start your practice. Here’s a link to Deepak Chopra’s website, who is a teacher that often teams up with Oprah on providing 21 day guided meditation programs. Most of all, don't make this more complicated then it needs to be. It's all about finding a moment of stillness. You can do this anywhere, without any outside help. All you have to do is decide to take five minutes to yourself and stop thinking about all that you need to do or haven't done. When you do this, you are there, meditating.

Love Life

What do you think your life would like if you suddenly decided that you loved your life? I am 100% certain that your entire life would change. This month, I encourage you to look past your troubles and to start seeing the beauty that surrounds you. No matter what you’re going through, there’s beauty to be found. Focus on what’s right instead of what’s wrong.


Now that you’ve centered yourself through meditation and you’re actively looking for the beauty in your life, it’s time to pay it forward. This month try to encourage those around you. Offer a positive word that will help see them through a difficult time. Point them to a place where they can get inspired: A movie. A book. A song. A blog. Stay positive! Make sure you bring them up to your positive vibe, and be sure not to come down to theirs.

In July, I will have three other things for you to try that will help make your month a little happier.



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