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The One Thing You Must Have When Setting Goals

Today I want to talk to you about the importance of clarity. For the last five years I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery—mostly, in my career path.  For the first time since I started this journey, I have clear direction for my career and goals, and I did this by applying these old simple tips: Who, What, When, Where and Why, which = Clarity!

The one thing we must have if we want to achieve our goals is clarity of the desired outcome. For example, if you want to lose weight, it is not enough to say I want to lose weight. You must be clear on what exactly it is that you want to achieve. It would be better if you said this:

I want to lose 20 lbs by July 30, 2017 (who, what, when). I will do this by working-out at my house Monday, Wednesday’s and Friday for 30 minutes (Where). By doing this I will be on my way to a healthier me. I will have lots of energy, feel good about myself and be able to do things I’m too tired to do now (Why).

By getting super clear and specific on your desire, the clutter in your head will disappear, making it easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Then, when you get discouraged like we all do, you can return to your statement and not only be reminded of what you want, but why and how you decided you would get it.

For me the clarity came when I asked myself, what I wanted out of my career. By asking this, I got flooded with answers; answers which I then began to dissect further and put into action. By getting super clear on what I wanted out of my career and how I wanted my life to look like, I was able to work backward and create a business plan that would transform my life and the life of many.

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