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What I Learned Shopping at Our Local Farmers Market

Happy Tuesday!

So, if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I’m on a complete wellness journey--mind, body and soul. I’m constantly learning about the mind and soul, and those opinions vary little. I’m really content in this area because I feel like I’m working on an upward motion, never going sideways. However, when it comes to my body--diet and fitness, sideways is the name of the game.

When it comes to my fitness, I've kind of got it figured out because of my love for yoga  However, when it comes to diet, the more I learn about food, the more confused I become. But, even with that, I'm still following what I often recommend to my readers: I'm following my heart.

My learning about food and health has led me here: To eat mostly plant based, non-gmo, and organic. This is something I’m very comfortable with. I think about everything I put in my body because I want it to be strong and healthy my entire life. I'm not suggesting that everyone should adapt this type of diet (I'm using "diet" in the old traditional form, not in the way we usually think of diet) With that said, this past weekend I did one of my favorite things on Saturday morning and went to our local Farmers Market.

Here I am. 

But we were shocked by what we found. My husband and I visited booth after booth and we were confronted with one big problem, none of the fruit or vegetables were organic. Furthermore, we found out that some of the produce being sold came directly from Costco. We found this so strange, not to mention disappointing.

My husband and I like going to farmers markets because we like to support our local farmers, so this was a total shock to us. After our search, we found only one little booth that was "organic": Fleet Garden Installs.  However, after we got home and viewed their website, we didn't see any claim to their greens being organic, but I still love what they do. They are an organization that grows greens, herbs and fruits locally, in the front lawns of people in  our community. Unfortunately, they didn’t have much to offer that day, but what they did have we snatched up because we wanted to support them.  But I literally left the market with two bags.

Anyway, that was my adventure this weekend. How about you? Have you come across these types of problems in your community? If so, let’s talk about it, maybe together we can find a solution to this.

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