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What you Expect, Shall Be

Go with me for a moment. Have you ever uttered the phrase, “I told you so.” Sure you have, we all have. The unfortunate thing about this phrase is that it’s usually attached to a negative outcome. However, let me assure you that saying, ‘I told you so’ does not only apply to certain moments of your life, it applies to your entire life.

Whether you know it or not, your entire life is occurring because you have a belief about every single thing that pertains to living. Because of those beliefs, you have certain expectations. Well, those expectations show up in your life—for better or worse—to prove you right (aka known as ‘I told you so’).

What if you were to change your expectations on any given subject. For example, let us take an argument you’re having with someone, an argument you’ve had many times before. Your quarrel may include the following words: always and never.  By placing these words in your argument, you are merely functioning from a past experience, and you’re expecting a certain behavior from this person, and what you expect, shall be. Without a shadow of a doubt, the outcome will be the same, proving that you were right, satisfyingly saying, ‘I told you so!’

So how do we avoid such trappings? Well, recognition is key when it comes to making any positive change in our life, so good job on taking that first step. Next, take a different approach in the argument. Listen, acknowledge and try to resolve it from a new place, not from a place that you’ve been at before. Because remember, if you try to resolve it from a that same old space you will end up with the same feelings, which will produce the same outcome. It’s a vicious cycle. Though it could be difficult, while in the middle of the argument, do something you’ve never done before. This will start shifting the outcome into a new direction. Do this until the argument is over, then, expect something different this time.

This rule applies to anything that has expectations attached to it. For instance, ‘when I eat broccoli I get sick.” Or, you can say, “when I eat broccoli I get energy.” “When I sleep late I always get a headache.” Or, when I sleep late I feel refreshed. “When I exercise I always hurt my back.” Or, “when I exercise I always feel stronger.” When I _______, I always or I never.” EXPECTATIONS!

The one thing you need to remember is that you have control of the life you create, trust and believe that you do. So, why not expect something different? You have nothing to lose, expect for an outcome you didn’t want in the first place.

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