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How My 2012 Transformation Was Part of the Collective Consciousness

You guys, don’t just dismiss the above quote. Listen to the message it’s relaying. There is so much wisdom in these words I know that it will inevitably serve you well.

For me, these words are particularly helpful as I continue my spiritual growth, in addition to offering much clarity as I look back on my life thus far.

2012 was the year that I transformed, mind, body and soul. This year is engraved in my mind like a permanent tattoo. At the time, not only did I have this huge awakening that stemmed from my souls' cry for a more meaningful life, but I had a tremendous health transformation as well.

Shortly after I had the awakening, I became sick with stomach problems—to the point that I couldn’t eat. Furthermore, in three short weeks I lost 15 lbs. I had several tests done and it turned out to be a very minor case of gastritis, nothing that really explained the reason for my not eating. Nevertheless, my eating habits would forever be changed.

So now, a little history on the year 2012. You may remember the panic, rumors and/or excitement that surrounded the end of 2012, when some reported that the world would be coming to an end. Well, according to the new age forecasters, the world as we knew it did come to an end—just not in those terms. 2012 was known as the year of awakening; a time in life when a lot of us went from darkness to light, from negativity to positivity. During said transformation, every person that would adhere to the calling would experience side effects—a cleansing of sorts—including, but not limited to, illness.

Looking back, just as the quote at the start of this post suggested, I can see the purpose for my illness. Had I continued not paying attention to my diet, and I continued to feed my body foods that contained no health value whatsoever, I might not have had the life-longevity needed to do my souls' work. Illness, followed by radical transformation of my eating habits was necessary to do my souls' work.

Knowing this now, I have one suggestion: if you’re going through a challenging time right now, try to think about how this might be serving your higher good. Is there a way for you to turn on the lights in this dark situation? I promise that if you seek, the brightest light you have ever known will shine down on you.

Did you go through your own transformation in 2012? Did you know what lied beneath the surface? I had no idea that I was part of the collective unconscious—a much bigger part of life than just me. I’d love to hear from you if you experienced a similar change in 2012, leave a comment below.  


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