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Inspiration For The Female Entrepreneur

I really can’t believe how far I’ve come since 2009. When I first started my writing career, I never imagined that it would transform my life the way it has. Though I’m still a shy person, the level of confidence that I’ve gained is truly miraculous. Not only have I gotten the courage to publish my work and share it with the world, but I’m also an entrepreneur who's working vigorously to launch my business.

Because of this, my self-empowerment books have shifted a bit in focus; I’ve gone from “how to spiritual books” to “how to entrepreneurial books.” These books tackle the subject of what it takes to be a female entrepreneur in today’s world and how to connect your mind, spirit, and soul to your goal. I will share my top 3 takeaways in hopes to inspire you along your entrepreneurial journey.

1st Tip: Competition Is An Illusion

How many times have you found yourself fired up about an idea and for some reason, your next idea is to look for other people that are doing the same thing. Five hours later, you’re knee-deep into your “competition’s” Instagram page convinced that you should close-up-shop and give it all up. Don’t worry, I’ve been there. My first tip is to change your mindset when it comes to other women in your field. No matter how alike you are, you’re never the same. No one can share your message the way you can. So instead of focusing on the competition, rejoice in their success and learn from the awesome business they’ve created.

2nd Tip:  There’s Nothing Wrong With You

As we head steadfast toward our business goals, we can become discouraged when things aren’t working as fast we’d like. When our business growth is as slow as molasses, we can doubt ourselves, which leads to non-productively. I know that whenever I begin to doubt my ideas, my creativity, or my writing, I stop writing altogether. What happens next, is a big round of depression, anxiety, and a feeling of hopelessness. However, because I’m well in tune with my emotions, I try my best to snap out of it in a jiffy, I remind myself that in due time all will be okay. Above all, the main focus I hold onto is that there's nothing wrong with me. That's not to say that I don’t pivot and correct when needed, but the overall feeling of not being good enough is one that I try to avoid when working toward my business goals.

3rd Tip: You Are Not Alone

For me, this one’s a bit scary because of my introverted personality, but I’m learning. I have found that fear of rejection is something that’s held me back in the past.  However, I’ve quickly learned that rejection is nothing to fear; it’s just one “no” closer to my yes. Reaching out to other women who are on your same path is not a sign of weakness, but strength. If you admire the work that another woman is doing, then don’t be afraid to say so. Congratulate her on her success and if possible, ask her for one piece of advice they can offer you. More than likely, they will be more than happy to answer your questions. We are all in this together, the more we embrace each other’s work the happier the business space will be.

With that said, I’m super excited to share with you that this Thursday (07/20/2017) I’m having my very first guest on my blog: Kristen Martin. Martin is an Author, YouTuber, and Entrepreneur who is slowly starting to make her imprint on the world of literature and business. This Thursday, 07/20/2017, she will share a little bit about herself and the benefits that come with having a healthy routine and personal development activities. Make sure you come back for that, I can’t wait!

As you can see, I put into action the very tips I just shared with you and I came out better for it. I hope that you do the same, get clear about you, know that you’re perfect as you are, and reach out to someone you admire and ask them, well, anything!

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