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Cover Reveal - Between Us: Chicklit / Second Chance Romance

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the release of my novel, Between Us. Last year I released the book at the start of the pandemic, and that was about all I did, release it.

This year I'm giving this book the attention it deserves, starting with a fresh new face. Without further adieu, here's the new cover.
The revamp of Between Us comes with a couple of additional perks:

1. The first chapter of the spin-off has been added to the book, so when you buy Between Us, you can hop right into the next story. Plus, you'll get to find out the title first!

2. From 03/23/2021 - 3/31/2021, you can buy the e-book for $0.99 on Amazon and online retailers.

The spin-off to Between Us will be released in July 2021. In the next coming weeks, I will be sharing so much more about book 2. Stay tuned.

I'm so excited to share this new launch with all of you. I'm so thankful for your support. It would mean THE WORLD to me if you would help me spread the word of this new launch. 

Here's how:
1. Share the news on your social media accounts
2. Write a review on Amazon and Goodreads
3. Share my posts about the book
4. Buy the book

Remember to add Between Us to your TBR!

If you're on YouTube and would like to do a collab with me about this new launch, I would love that. You can reach out to me at


Conformist Emma Clark is unsatisfied with her life. She hasn't written in years and feels trapped in the same humdrum routine with her three best friends from college. She wants something new, but she doesn't know how to break free from her predictable existence.

When she meets Danny Watkins, an enigmatic businessman, Emma is pulled along on a new adventure. There's only one problem: Danny is going through a nasty divorce and there's only one person he's looking out for. Himself.

They quickly become friends as Danny inspires Emma to face the blank page again, and she helps him restore his farmhouse. But when love blooms, they both have to ask, what are they willing to give up for the sake of love?

I will talk to you guys soon. I can't wait to see all your pics and read all your reviews. 
If you would like to see my entire process on how I worked on the cover reveal, I have a vlog for you.

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