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My Favorite Summer Cleaning and Organizing Products of 2018

Happy Thursday Y'all. I hope you're having a great week and a fabulous summer. Because we're in the trenches of summer, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things I'm using this year. 

As some of you may know, I just moved from Florida to Georgia and as it happens when you move, there's a lot of cleaning, organizing, and new designing that takes place--at least that's true for me. So because I'm knee-deep in unpacking and making my new apartment a cozy home, some of my favorite things revolve around home products. So here we go. 


I am in love with Method products. Luckily for me, I visited a grocery store to the likes of Wholefoods called Earth Fare and they were having a sale on Method products. I was able to purchase all these for 50% off regular price. My favorite thus far is the wood cleaner because of its lemony-fresh scent which does everything to remind me that we're in full summer mode. Not to mention that it leaves my furniture looking shiny without and any residue or ugly streaks. 

Method Bathroom rub + tile cleaner 

Method All Purpose Lime + Sea Salt

Method All Purpose Ginger Zuzu

Method Wood for Good Polish

Method Daily Granite 

Method Squirt + mop

The next product I'm in love with is this essential oil I also found at Earth Fare for only $6.99! I'm so happy with this essential oil because of its long-lasting aroma and refreshing lemony scent. Just a few drops in my diffusor keeps my house smelling nice, clean and summery for hours. I've tried other essential oils before, but this one, by far, is my favorite. 

Now Essential Oils (couldn't find the one above, but this one is similar in that it's vegan and nongmo)

Up next are bins! You guys, I've never been much of a bin person since I thrive on a clutter-free environment, thus I never have much use for them. But, since our apartment doesn't have a storage room, most of our storage room things have to go into the spare closet--in my home office. Which means, we wanted to do away with all the boxes. We bought all these bins and it has made such a huge difference when it comes to the aesthetics of storing our items. 

Plastic : Baskets, Bins & ContainersPlastic : Baskets, Bins & Containers

There you have it, short and sweet--but so satisfying. If you like what you see above, I've linked all the products for you to check out for yourself at my Amazon and Target store. Stay tuned because as I buy new items for my home and design my space I will be documenting the progress on my YouTube channel

Till Next Time!



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