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Do you ever feel like you’re not enough? You’re not the only one.

Author and mentor, Mari Suggs, felt the same. She was frustrated at her need for outside approval and constant hustle. That’s when she decided to take control of her life. Through deliberate and focused intention, she created a life she loves, going from a mindset of lack to one of abundance.

Feelings of unworthiness separate us from the truth of who we are. We spend our days living in discomfort because we’re chasing things that are not aligned with who we are at our core. However, when we learn how to attune our energy and desires to our soul, a magical internal transformation occurs, and as a consequence, you can change your material world forever.

Enough offers specific guidelines, exercises, and affirmations to help you unravel the complicated and sometimes daunting task of becoming the ideal version of yourself.

This timely book provides essential techniques to help you move past your darkest fears, silence the negative self-talk, and discover the life force within.




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