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5 Important Steps for your Vision Board to Work This Year

Okay, so each year I bring you a little nugget on how to get the year started right, usually this includes creating a vision board. This year is no different. I personally know the power of creating vision boards, especially when they are used correctly. If you don’t know what a vision board is, it …

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How to End the Year with a Bang

It is that time of year again when we start thinking about all that we have accomplished, while also looking ahead to the upcoming year. If you find yourself looking back, thinking, I could have done more, don’t beat yourself up. It’s okay. We’ve all been there. But if my attempt at consoling you is…

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5 Gift Ideas for the Spirit Junkie in Your Life

Are you fresh out of gift ideas for your spirit junkie? Does the thought of giving them another yoga mat make you want to hide until it is all over? Well don’t worry. I’ve got five pretty cool gift ideas that will not only make your spirit junkie very happy, but it will make you the hero of this hol…

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Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

Words can't describe how excited I get when I come across people that totally inspire me. Let me introduce you to Danielle Walker the author of the cook books Against All Grain.

I will not go into depth about her sorry, because frankly, I won't give it justice. To read her full biography …

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