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Three Powerful Tips to Living a 100% Fulfilled Life

Lately, a very important topic has been coming up for me and so I thought, hmm, better share it. For some of you this won’t be a new concept, but for some it may be the very thing you need to hear at this moment.

I’m reading Oprah Winfrey’s new book The Wisdom of Sundays. In it, she references a conversation she had with one of her guests from Supersoul Sunday, wherein they discussed the power of being present. Do you realize that we spend most of our time either thinking about the past or the future, but very rarely are we in the moment? This is a problem because when we fail to pay attention to the now, we miss out on our life.

Oprah’s guest gave a really great example; he suggests the next time you’re in the shower that you “check-in with yourself and see if you’re still in the shower.” He explained that most of us, while in the shower, are someplace else, perhaps at a Monday meeting, or having an argument with someone. He suggests that the next time we’re in the shower, to check in with ourselves and try to be in the present. The moment we check in, we’re back.

This is not the first time I’ve heard the message of being in the moment, and for me, even before my awakening, I knew the importance of paying attention to the moment I was in. When I’m in the moment, I experience peace of mind, joy and hope. When I focus on the past or the future, I lose the present and become anxious and worried. And when this happens, I then create a future I don’t want, and regret a past I can’t change.

So here are three tips to help you living in the present:

Be aware:

Awareness is key when it comes to returning to the present. Whenever you start to feel off, whether you’re feeling sadness, anger, anxious or fear, chances are that you’ve left the present and you’re somewhere off thinking something that has either passed, or hasn’t happened. So, in that moment, be aware that you have the power to feel better simply but coming back to the present.

The magical five:

But how? How do I get back to the present? It’s actually quite simple; we were created with a beautiful internal map that directs us right back to the now, your five senses. Whenever you want to return to the present but you’re stuck in your mind, pay attention to your five senses: what do you hear, see and smell? What do you taste? What can you touch? By paying attention to your senses you are now back in the present and out of your imaginary world.


All habits aren’t bad, and I would put this one up there with the best habit to adapt. Every day practice the habit of being in the now. When you’re eating your breakfast, eat your breakfast. Really taste your food (there’s 1 of your 5 sense popping up again reminding you of the now) and avoid all distractions like your phone, TV or work. When you’re with your partner or your kids, truly pay attention to them and listen without thinking of your next move. Practice this habit at every turn and before you know it all your worries will disappear.  Because you have everything you need right now. Because right now is all we all ever have.

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